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Charity Face Mask


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Charity Face Mask




  • Product Description
      These charity statement, fun lip masks adhere to the latest guidelines for non-surgical handmade face coverings but are not medical grade. Profit from all sales is to be donated to The Elm Foundation - a Chesterfield local charity who offer a safe, non-judgmental place to provide refuges for victims of Domestic Abuse.

      The masks outer layers are made from micro interlock polyester jersey which is more breathable than standard polyester while preserving many of standard polyester's benefits in being quick-dry, tear and static resistant, and moisture-wicking. In addition the fabric also benefits from anti-bacterial properties.
      The lining is 100% densely woven cotton. The guidelines suggest that having a densely woven fabric offers a good protective barrier.
      The masks are light weight and breathable, great in hot weather or for use indoors when thicker masks become uncomfortable.

      The masks have a bendable nose clip and elasticated ear loops with rubber adjusters.
      There is a filter pocket. 

      Care Instructions:
      The masks can be washed in the machine or by hand at the recommended temperature of 40C. An antibacterial laundry cleanser such as Dettol can be added to the wash. The temperature can be higher up to 60C, but this may result in some distortion of the fabric and colour leaking.
      Moulding the mask whilst still damp around your face will result in a better, very close fit. 
      Air dry the masks indoors. They are very quick drying.
      Ironing on the lining side is possible
      Please do not use bleach. The masks cannot be dry-cleaned or tumble dried.
      Please note - the filters are not washable.

      Two filters are included with each mask. They are multi-layer, standard pm2.5 activated carbon filters. 
      It is recommended that the filter is replaced once a week if the mask is used regularly. Replacement filters are widely available online, Amazon and eBay are good places to start.
      The pocket is made a touch smaller than the filter. This enables the filter to form a slight outward curve allowing for a small gap between the mouth and mask thus easing feelings of discomfort. To ensure the rest of the mask fits closely adjust the nose clip and ear loops.

      Fashion Notes:
      The masks are statement pieces. Designed to mimic celebrity lips (The Kardashians, Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway, Beyonce, Selena Gomez) they offer bigger lips without surgery! Steal the show on public transport and at your workplace with the Maya Mask available in four gorgeous colours. Also available in two barded styles.
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